Online Catalogues and E-stores

The most powerful tool in your online arsenal. Catalogues drastically increase your search ranking and give your clients a full look at your awesome inventory! Managing catalogues is always a primary concern, our systems are all web based and backed up daily. Our systems are fully supported with self help documents, face to face training and webinars to not only help you get started but also educate you on the best practices for your store. We set you up for success!

Responsive Mobile Websites

Responsive websites self adjusts according to the screen size of the device you are using. All the elements of the website including your e-store and catalogue items will adjust, move and do the hokey pokey in order to give your customers the best possible experience. This is the new standard for all Kastom Media sites, it is a testimate to our commitment to a complete solution.

Logo and Branding

We make sure that your logo not only stands out, but portrays your company the way you want. Opening a new family restaurant? We will build you a custom logo that screams great times inside. Have a whole slew of products and need a consistent brand image? We build great scale-able logo’s with a bunch of variations to go from your lower end products to the premium of the premium items. Go through our portfolio here and take a peek through some of the logo’s we’ve designed.

Pamphlets and Print

As much as we like saving tree’s, sometimes you just need to throw some high quality old fashioned glossy sheets at customers. Awesome graphics, crazy cool artwork, and colors you can see from across the room. Here’s what we build.
Single sided data sheets
Tri-fold brochures
Full information packets (data sheets, business cards, brochures, all wrapped in a folder)
Anything custom, if it can be printed, we can build it

Digital & Vinyl Billboards

Our digital and vinyl billboards are designed to grab attention and hold it. In fact they are so good we almost got pulled over for distracted driving! You only have a few seconds to send a message, we make sure you don’t waste them.

3D Renders and Virtual Tours

Ever wished you could walk through your new condo complex before spending the big bucks to build it? Now you can! Just need a few shots of the outside for pre-sales? We will make it happen.
3D exterior renders
3D interior renders
Virtual Tours
Interactive walk-throughs

Website Optimization (SEO)

When your customers search for the products and services you offer, do they see you or your competitors first? We’ll build your website from the ground up using advanced and specialized techniques to make sure you stay above the competition where you belong – as number 1.

Google Ads (Pay Per Click)

Launching something new? Catapult yourself to the top of the search results using a powerfully crafted Kastom Media search advertising campaign. We’ll help you develop goals and a matching strategy to minimize cost and maximize exposure for new ventures ranging from website relaunches, new products and services, or even a whole brand new company.

Social Media

There’s never been a better, more powerful way to work with your customers. Social media is the number one way to gauge your brand reputation, provide amazing customer service, create brand advocates (who better to spread the word about you than your clients?), and create new sales leads. Investing even minutes a day in social media will see you amazing returns. With a well crafted social media strategy, you’ll make sure you’re not wasting your time and every tweet, post or pin you make benefits your company.